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Chicago Police
Beat Tag


We can also do more than just the numbers.

Measurements are from the units used on patrol vehicles and fit the brackets used today. The plastic is 1/8 inch thick and made for outdoor use. The beat number is engraved in a font, similar to the one used by CPD and is engraved on both sides. We even added an area, that is covered by the bracket, where the officer can have their badge number engraved for identification (badge number is optional and no additional cost engraved, on one side).

These can also be made and attached to a plaque for retirement, rank advancement party or change of assignment. Ordering is easy, just email the information to us, and we can set up an account for you. We only need your name, address and what beat number and badge number

Your cost for the Beat Tag Plate is $25 (shipping to you is included), production is less than five business days.

Additionally, we engrave on handcuffs, flashlights, batons and an assortment of uniform items. 

Send us an email to us and we will be happy to get you more information


Beat Number
Badge Number